How to Make Patis (Fish Sauce)

High quality fish sauce with 13.6% protein content and fish paste (bagoong).


  • Fish of assorted species
  • Enzymes from micro-organisms
  • Salt

Equipment: Fermentation vessels provided with stirrer


  1. Wash assorted species of fish to free them from undesirable dirt.
  2. Grind fish to facilitate hydrolysis of the protein constituent.
  3. Place ground fish into clean fermentation vessels provided with stirrer.
  4. Add appropriate amount of salt and mix uniformly to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms during fermentation.
  5. Introduce enzymes obtained from micro-organisms of plant animals to fortify the natural endoenzymes present in the fish. Stir the mixture.
  6. Adjust the pH requirement of the particular enzyme used.
  7. Ferment for 13 days. Clean the digested mash by filtering. Bottle the clear reddish brown liquid as patis and the residue containing some insoluble protein as “bagoong.”
  8. Fermentation is allowed to occur for 13 days. The digested mash is cleared and from the filtered clear reddish brown liquid is bottled as quality patis and the residue containing some insoluble protein as bagoong.

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  • Looks quite a good process for patis production. Quite impressive. High quality product and relatively fast process with end product finished in 13 days. No idea about the cost ? If you use commercial enzyme I think the added cost will be substantial. I have tried once just a week ago to hydrolyze galunggong with a mineral acid. I think it is technically viable as I have successfully hydrolyzed the product in 24 hours, actually less. The odor is nice though I am not sure what is the final profile after adding salt. I expect it to be better. This area is not much of a problem now as there are many flavors and enhancers available in the market now. Off flavors and odors can be removed by activated carbon. My apprehension is about the cost as I used substantial amount of acid though I am sure I can still reduce the amount substantially. Look at how fish silage are made . Thailand and China now produces fish sauce using mineral acids with in hours only just like how chemical soy sauce are made.

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